Pacific Northwest

Coffee breaks

We’re all creatures of habit, when it comes down to it.  Even when we travel, there are still some comforting daily rituals that we like to indulge in.  For me, [...]

Riding the West Seattle Water Taxi

Once an overlooked corner of the city, West Seattle has recently become a popular destination for new arrivals and visitors alike.  Being separated from the city by Elliot [...]

Hot times in the Emerald City

Summer’s just begun,  and the Pacific Northwest is already experiencing record-breaking high temperatures.  We’ve been sweltering in 90 degree heat for days on [...]

Alki Beach in the sunshine

Seattle has more than 400 parks and open areas within the city limits.  That makes it easy to be close to nature here, and you’re never very far from a body of water, [...]

Cherry Blossom Days in Seattle

Cherry blossoms are a sure sign that Spring is near.  The delicate blooms reach their peak in mid-March, here in Seattle, and they appear for only a week or two – [...]


Stairways are utilitarian, taking us from one place to another.  They can also serve as metaphors for challenges we face in life, a desire to venture into the unknown, and a [...]

Gnocchi for the People

Gnocchi is the ultimate comfort food. When properly made, these pillow-soft Italian dumplings will warm your tummy, and soothe your soul.  Although their origins are [...]

Queen Anne Farmer’s Market

Summer is my favorite season, and there’s no better time to be in Seattle.  The sun is out, the salmon are running and our local produce is at its best.  This is [...]

Viking Days in Seattle

Scandinavia is home to breathtaking landscapes, exciting cities, and some of the most creative chefs in the world, like Andreas Viestad from Norway, and Rene Redzepi of [...]