Historic Mustard in the Moselle Valley

Wolfgang Steffens Senfmuhle, Cochem

While wandering the cobblestone streets of Cochem, Germany recently I found a historic mustard mill that has been in service since 1810 –  the Wolfgang Steffens Senfmuhle, located just across the bridge from the center of town.  Step inside and sample the many varieties of mustard they produce by hand, all based on an original recipe.  Some of the more unusual flavors offered are a curry mustard, one with honeycomb, and they even have a recipe from the Middle Ages which is slightly sweet with the flavors of ginger and cloves.  Of course, since we’re in the Moselle Valley, there are several delicious flavors enhanced with the world-famous local Riesling.  A second mill in Cologne produces a very popular Kölsch mustard.

Wolfgang Steffens mustard is sold in these great, re-usable stoneware containers fitted with a snug rubber lid.  This unique mustard is so popular that annual visitors from France and the Netherlands make a point to bring their empty mustard jars with them on holiday, just so they can refill them at the mill.  Public tours of the milling process are conducted several times per day, but if you miss the tour you can still head into the shop for some samples, and to pick up a few jars to bring home and enjoy!

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