Rest Stops

My favorite French city

Okay, so I haven’t seen every city in France yet.  Still, I have a feeling I won’t lose my passion for Lyon.  I spent a short weekend in the city, and it was [...]

Het Melkhuis, Antwerp

I’m always on the lookout for affordable and comfortable places to sleep when I travel.  When I find something within budget that is also unique and memorable, [...]

Home away from home, in Beaune

As early as the 11th century, Cistercian monks established monasteries in Beaune,  and they soon began making wine and storing it in their cellars.  This was the [...]

Two favorite European budget hotels

Airbnb is a great way to feel like a local in a new city, but a good room in a great location can often be as expensive as a mid-range hotel.  Hostels are cheap, but they [...]

The Arctic Club, Seattle

One of the great things about traveling in Europe is that you get to be around so much beautiful, well-preserved architecture.  In the States, most of our vintage buildings [...]

Design on a budget at Motel One

I love staying in a nice hotel, and when I opened the door to my room at Motel One in Munich,  I knew right away I was going to enjoy the time I spent there.  First [...]

Mundaka, Spain

Possibly one of the smallest hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but it did not matter one iota. Why not? Well,  just take a look at the view from our room at the Hotel El [...]

Weekend on the Oregon Coast

“We’re all here, because we’re not all there.” That is the town motto of Yachats, Oregon, a sleepy beach village of about 700 residents just two [...]

Travel like you live there!

It’s nice to put up your feet for a few days in a new place and staying in a cottage, or a rental house is easier than it’s ever been. If you want to self-cater, [...]