Mundaka, Spain


Possibly one of the smallest hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but it did not matter one iota. Why not? Well,  just take a look at the view from our room at the Hotel El Puerto, a cozy little hotel that I found on the website Secret Places.  The gorgeous colors of the port were right below us, and our room was quiet and peaceful, but centrally located.

Mundaka is located in Vizcaya, in the Spanish Basque country between Bilbao and San Sebastián.  And, if you like road trips, this is a great region of Spain to discover by car.  Mundaka is a surf spot, so the hotels will be fuller, during the storm seasons.  But we were here in early fall, and it was quiet, with a few families, couples and small groups enjoying the idyllic seaside atmosphere.  Mundaka makes for a great stopping point if you’re on a road trip through northeastern Spain.  Just be careful to not drive into the center of town, as many of the streets there are closed to traffic on specific days.  We accidentally drove down a street that we were not supposed to be on, and we were greeted by a friendly but stern police officer who let us go on a warning.  The tickets can be as high as 500 Euros, so we got very lucky.  It turns out there is a convenient parking lot within a 5 minute walk to town, so not to worry.  Once here, you can walk along the shore, and if it’s clear you can see far into the Bay of Biscay.

To learn more about Mundaka and plan your trip to Basque country, visit the Mundaka Tourism Guide.

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