Market Finds

The best time to buy French wine

I’ll let you in on a little-known secret.  One that anyone who lives in France and loves wine already knows.  Every fall, at the end of September through early [...]

The sea salt artisans of Aveiro

Most cooks and food lovers know about fleur de sel, that famous and treasured sea salt from France.  But few have heard of  flor de sal,  the artisan sea salt from [...]

Les Halles, Dijon

Food lovers know Dijon for its mustard, that sharp and tangy condiment that’s a basis for great vinaigrette.  It’s also home to crème de cassis, a delicious, [...]

Shopping in French supermarkets

For someone who loves food shopping, it’s an exciting revelation to wander the aisles of French supermarkets.  The big chains like Carrefour, Casino, and Auchan, are [...]

Market Day in Mainz

Whenever I’m traveling, I make a point to visit the weekly open-air markets that are so popular in Europe.  I like to check out seasonal produce, and see what kind of [...]

Market Day in Beaune

Europe is famous for its open-air markets, and for good reason.  They’re the best places to check out regional products, mingle with locals and get a feel for the [...]

A Visit to Markethall IX, Berlin

My favorite cities all have their own must-see food markets – the places where locals and visitors alike go to check out the latest food trends and shop for artisan [...]

The Cheese Board, Berkeley

A visit to the Cheese Board in Berkeley, California can be as overwhelming as it is mouth-watering.  A world-class cheese shop with its own bakery,  the Cheese Board [...]

Sunny day at the Ferry Building

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  Whether or not Mark Twain actually said this is a matter of dispute, but anyone who has spent [...]