Shopping in French supermarkets

Do the French love cheese? Mais oui!

For someone who loves food shopping, it’s an exciting revelation to wander the aisles of French supermarkets.  The big chains like Carrefour, Casino, and Auchan, are designed to be one-stop shopping experiences.  Walk into one, and you can pick up anything from a pair of slippers, gardening tools, a great bottle of wine, or a free-range chicken.

Many supermarkets also publish a complimentary monthly magazine with recipes highlighting seasonal ingredients.  A recent edition of  Carrefour’s Aux Petits Oignons included a primer on French cheese, along with suggested wine pairings.  It’s a clever way for the retailer to promote wine and cheese sales and it’s also a great way for shoppers to learn new recipes and educate ourselves about local products.

As you would expect in France, where eating well is a way of life, food quality is high and the variety of items on offer are seemingly endless.  What’s more, the prices for good wine, cheese, bread, produce, and nearly everything else are a fraction of what I would pay in Seattle, so I can create some great home meals without spending a small fortune.


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