Market Day in Mainz

Herbs for Frankfurter Green Sauce, a regional specialty at the Mainz Saturday Market

Whenever I’m traveling, I make a point to visit the weekly open-air markets that are so popular in Europe.  I like to check out seasonal produce, and see what kind of regional foods are available that I can’t find at home.  Mainz, in Germany’s Rhine Valley, holds its largest weekly market on Saturday from 7am to 2pm at the foot of cathedral in the city’s old center.  At the Wochenmarkt am Dom all the usual suspects are here in force.  You’ll find plenty of fresh local produce, and some German specialties like artisan pickles and fresh egg noodles, as well as a variety of intensely flavored vinegar made from Riesling wine.  Top it off with a glass of delicious federweisser, a unique, lightly fermented grape drink that also happens to be a refreshing way to relax after a morning at the market.

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