Wine week in Cologne

Altstadt - Cologne, Germany

It was late afternoon, and I had just spent the day walking in Cologne’s Altstadt, taking photos and doing a little window shopping.  But now my feet were tired and I was getting hungry.  What I had in mind was a quiet, sit-down meal at a restaurant I had read about online.  Making my way there, I took a wrong turn and found myself at the HeuMarkt, a lively open square where crowds of people were gathered.  As it turned out,  Cologne Wine Week was happening and I had just walked into the middle of it!   Koln Wein Woche takes place each May and brings together local and family-run wineries from the Rhine and Moselle Valleys in one place for a week-long celebration of wine.  It’s a great opportunity to sample dozens of Rieslings and other great local wines, all in one place.  You can purchase wine by the taste,  glass, or bottle and grab a spot at a communal table to enjoy!  To go with your wine try a simple cheese plate or treat yourself to some hearty fare, like grilled sausages,  frikandel, and potato pancakes.  Germany’s Rieslings are well-known, but with 26 wineries to choose from, I decided to try something new.  I chose a delicious Grauer Burgunder  (Pinot Gris) from  Weingut Haus Thiel, which paired really well with my applesauce-topped potato pancake!  Sometimes taking a wrong turn can lead you in the right direction after all.

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