Food in Hand

Sandwiches to go at Aachen Hauptbahnhof

There’s a whole class of foods that are designed to be eaten on the go, and are typically sold by street vendors, or at kiosks in rail stations, shopping centers, and other places where crowds tend to gather.  Convenient, simple and usually eaten with one hand, they are a mainstay at many train stations in Europe, so they’re convenient for travelers and commuters.  It might be a fresh pretzel, still hot out of the oven, a fragrant liege waffle, right off the griddle, or a freshly made sandwich.

In cities that rely on mass transit, you’ll find an endless variety of choices at the larger train stations.  In fact, if you’re visiting a European city, and you find yourself looking for a meal on a Sunday, or another day when the shops and restaurants are closed, it’s often the best – if not the only place to get fed.  Ferreting out quality requires a little observation and often some trial and error.   I look for vendors that are busy, and I always make sure that the food I order has just been prepared, and hasn’t been sitting around for awhile in a warmer.  For a visitor to Europe, it’s an affordable way to eat like a local – and fuel up for the next leg of your journey.

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