Riding the West Seattle Water Taxi

Riders boarding the West Seattle water taxi at Seacrest Park

Once an overlooked corner of the city, West Seattle has recently become a popular destination for new arrivals and visitors alike.  Being separated from the city by Elliot Bay has its advantages.  We’ve got great views, beach access, gorgeous sunsets – and we can commute back and forth to downtown Seattle by boat, riding the water taxi that crosses the bay several times per day.

Tickets for the water taxi are $4,75 each way and they can be purchased using credit or debit cards from vending machines next to the loading docks on either side of Elliot Bay.  There’s also a free shuttle to catch a ride up the hill to the Admiral District.  You can bring your bike on the water taxi and the shuttle has a bike rack, so why not cycle your way around West Seattle and make a day of it?  You can explore the quiet residential neighborhoods of the Admiral District, hang out by the beach at Alki, or head south on California Avenue to the Junction, the commercial heart of West Seattle.  Once there you’ll find shops with home decor, our own microbrewery, and plenty of places to satisfy your appetite after a day out exploring.

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