A day in Aveiro

Sidewalk cafe in Aveiro. Why aren't you here yet?

A half hour by train from Porto, Aveiro greets you at the station with colorful azulejo murals depicting the traditional men and women who made their living from the sea here, gathering salt and fishing for sardines.  A stroll through the winding streets between the station and the historic center is an impromptu tour of Art Nouveau architecture.  Warm sunshine and cool salty breezes invite you to relax with a glass of crisp Vinho Verde in a sidewalk café.  Molicieros glide silently across the water, ferrying passengers along the canals that criss-cross the city.

Aveiro:  a gathering place or preserve of birds and great salt.  So it was named by Countess Mumadona Dias, who ruled Portugal alongside her husband in the 10th century.  The seabirds and artisan salt remain, and these days there’s even more in Aveiro for a visitor to enjoy.

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