Freiburg, Germany’s greenest city?

Pippi says, "We make the world as we like it"

With more bikes than cars, a neighborhood devoted to sustainable living and an excellent public transportation network, it would be hard to find a greener city than Freiburg.  The city’s Vauban Quarter could serve as a template for others looking to reduce their carbon footprint, manage growth, and create close-knit communities.  Its reputation as the sunniest place in Germany means solar power is a good fit here, and the Vauban’s Solar Settlement houses are the first in the world to collect more energy than they use.

Freiburg’s green credentials are well-established, but it also happens to be home to one of Europe’s top research and teaching schools, the University of Freiburg, founded in 1457.  Let’s see now… a thriving student population, pedestrian-friendly streets, great food and beer, and a location at the edge of the Black Forest.  Seems like life is good in Freiburg!

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