Shangri-la in the French Alps

Lake Annecy

A remote, beautiful, imaginary place where life approaches perfection.  A place whose inhabitants enjoy unheard-of longevity.  These are two definitions of Shangri-la; and I think I just might have found it at Lake Annecy.  Located in the French Alps, about 45 minutes from Geneva, crystalline, jewel-toned Lac d’Annecy was formed some 18,000 years ago when surrounding glaciers melted.  It’s an ideal vacation spot for people who love water and mountain sports.  On the lake, you can sail, kayak, windsurf, water-ski, or paddle board.  A bike trail and walking path runs along the water’s edge.  And the mountains surrounding the lake are full of hiking paths and spectacular views.  I spent a few days on the lake, and I was impressed by the sheer number of fit, active people I saw, including some silver-haired retirees walking, cycling, or just carrying their groceries with a brisk clip in their step.  I’m starting to believe that maybe I could live forever.  Here, at Lake Annecy.

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