Modern, Stylish Strasbourg

Gare de Strasbourg

Modern was not the first word that sprung to mind when I thought of Strasbourg.  I’d imagined a 2,000 year-old city full of half-timbered buildings, quaint canals, and medieval cathedrals, untouched by time.  Much to my delight and surprise, there is so much more to this dynamic city.

Strasbourg is actually a very young city, in terms of its population.  Nearly a third of its residents are between the ages of 15-29.  It’s got a thriving student population, with more than 46,000 attending the University of Strasbourg.  And, the city has invested heavily in new business and residential development, along with pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.  In fact, Strasbourg ranks first in French cities for cyclists, with 500 km of dedicated cycling paths in and around the city.  If you’re visiting without a bike, there are plenty of shops where you can rent one, or borrow a Vélhop city-bike for a few hours.  You can even cycle across the Rhine River, spend the afternoon in Germany, and be back in Strasbourg in time for dinner.

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