Latest street art finds

Traveling around France this summer, some new pieces of street art caught my eye.  And, this spring marked the opening of  Urban Nation , a new museum dedicated to street [...]

New Street Art

I’m always on the lookout for colorful and interesting street art when I travel.  Sometimes it’s just a fun sign for a local business, other times a [...]

Street Art in Brittany

I’m always on the lookout for interesting street art when I travel.  While walking in Brittany, I found some new [...]

Street Art in Lyon

Lyon is a gorgeous city.  Not only is it filled with beautiful, period architecture in a scenic riverside setting,  it’s also home to plenty of great street art. [...]

Porto Street Art

Graffiti.  Street Art.  At its best, it’s a creative artistic expression, usually achieved with nothing more than a spray can and an idea.  Using the city’s [...]

New Graffiti

Here’s some new and colorful street art from my last visit to Mainz, Germany and Antwerp, [...]

Berlin Street Art

In 2005, Berlin was named a UNESCO City of Design, and it’s no wonder so many creative types flock here for inspiration and work.  Go for a walk and you can discover [...]

Art in the streets of Brussels

Graffiti artists have been leaving their mark on Brussels for decades.  Since the 80’s the city has been attempting to strike a fine balance between [...]