Temple of the Cat, Munich

Cat goddesses, at the Egyptian Museum, Munich

Cats in cafés.  Some people may think it’s an odd concept, but to cat lovers, especially those who can’t keep a cat at home, it’s a great idea.  In many restaurants and hotels in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, it’s common to find a house cat, who serves to keep the mice away as well as entertain the guests and employees.  While visiting Munich this fall,  I stumbled upon a little café that took this concept even further.  Katzentemple, located just down the street from the Egyptian Museum, is designed to promote cat adoption, along with other animal welfare causes.  It serves coffee, tea and vegetarian food in a casual environment where you can read, have a snack, and spend time with friends – of the feline and human variety.  Visitors can get to know the resident cats, as well as find a potential new addition to their home through their adoption services.

Back in the states, the Bay Area is home to Cat Town Cafe, the first ever permanent cat café in the country.  Because the café is divided into two zones, one for the cats and adoption facilities, and the other for dining, they have been able to make it over some of the zoning hurdles that have held back earlier attempts to bring the two together.  Here in the Northwest,  Seattle Eater  reports on a couple of new cat cafés in the works for the city’s cat lovers, both aiming to open in 2015.   If you’re interested in getting involved, you can follow the progress of Seattle Meowtropolitan, who is working on a Capitol Hill location, and Kitty Kafe, aiming for a home in the University District.

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