Trumer Pils – Where Berkeley meets Salzburg

Entrance to Trumer Brauerei, Berkeley

Where do you find a great Austrian beer on the West Coast?  Head over to Trumer Brauerei in Berkeley, which, in partnership with their sister brewery in Austria, has been serving up a crisp, delicious pilsner since 2004.   It all started when a couple of beer-loving guys from Berkeley visited the Trumer Brewery in Obertrum, just outside of Salzburg, and fell in love with their pilsner.  The original plan was to import bottles of  the beer into the U.S. market.  Upon further reflection, and taking into consideration that pilsners are at their best fresh from the tap, they opted to brew it locally instead.  Following the original recipe, and using imported hops, the Berkeley beer has been a great success.  In fact, it won multiple gold medals for best German-Style Pilsner at the European Beer Star Awards in Nuremberg, which honors brewers who use traditional European brewing methods.

Trumer Pils is distributed in the Bay Area, Portland, Austin and Seattle, where you can find it at better grocery stores and bottle shops.  If you’re spending time in Berkeley, check out the brewery tour that runs Monday through Friday at 3:15.  It’s informative, free of charge, and ends in the taproom where you’re served a perfect glass of the freshest beer to top off  your visit.

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