Door knobs as works of art?

If you walk around in many European cities and study the architecture,  you’ll notice some surprising details that serve both a functional and an artistic purpose.  A door handle – if it does its job, helps you enter a building.  It can also convey a message to the user,  giving you a hint about what’s inside.

Brass hardware with symbolic images from nature have been used for centuries to adorn the doors of churches, shops, and private homes.  One widely used symbol is the lion’s head, usually made into a door knocker, and meant to convey a sense of power and strength, helping to ward off evil spirits.  Other designs are more whimsical, like the pretzel-shaped handle on the door of a bakery.  Whether the message is mundane, or of a more spiritual nature, the craftsmanship and artistry behind these architectural finishing touches makes them worth a closer look.

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