Viking Days in Seattle

Scandinavia is home to breathtaking landscapes, exciting cities, and some of the most creative chefs in the world, like Andreas Viestad from Norway, and Rene Redzepi of [...]

Day trip to Vashon Island

Seattle is a city for water lovers.  It sits on Elliot Bay – and the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands are just a short boat ride away.  Our weather is notoriously [...]

Eat like a German in Seattle

Ok, so you’ve visited Germany, or  maybe you even lived there, and now you have fond memories and cravings for bratwurst, brezels and all the other yummy foods you [...]

Historic West Seattle Murals

If you walk around West Seattle along California Avenue, you may notice a series of colorful murals painted on the sides of some of the neighborhood buildings.  Beginning in [...]

Lincoln Park, Seattle

Living in Seattle, nature is all around us. This is especially so in West Seattle.  Separated from Seattle metro by a bridge and Elliot Bay, it’s a great place to [...]

Ballard in Springtime

Ballard is one of Seattle’s many distinct neighborhoods with its own unique flavor that mixes old-time fishing history and dive bars with trendy shops and restaurants. [...]

Signs of Spring in Seattle

When the sun comes out in Seattle during the gray late winter months as Spring slowly teases us with its approach, everyone’s mood is instantly boosted.  People are so [...]