The charm of French window shutters

One of the joys of walking in a city, or a country village is that it lets you get a close-up look at the architecture.  In France, wooden or metal shutters are typically [...]

Paris by foot

Do you love to walk?  It’s my favorite way to explore a city, and to spark my imagination.  I love to wander the streets with no particular destination, only to [...]

A rainy day on Rue Mouffetard

The most memorable travel experiences are rarely planned.  Happy accidents and serendipity seem to play a much larger role.  Walking in Paris’s Latin Quarter during [...]

A little Paris street photography

Did you know that street photography has roots in early 20th century Paris?  It’s still a great place for people watching, as I found out on a recent walk in the city. [...]

Window Shopping in Paris

Window shopping is a favorite Parisian pastime, and it costs you nothing but your time.  Wander the streets, and take in the beauty of the vintage antique shops, macaroon [...]