Winter sunbreak at the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

It was freezing in Seattle last winter, so I thought I’d use some frequent flier miles and head down to Palm Springs for the weekend.  Having gone there a few years ago to hike at Joshua Tree, I remember it being really warm in February, and I was not disappointed.  I stayed at the Ace Hotel. which is part of a small group of affordable hotels that started with a renovated halfway house in Seattle’s (then-hip) Belltown neighborhood in the later 90’s.  I always liked their vibe and the overall aesthetic,  so I booked a room at their Palm Springs outpost.  I also love that they took an aging Denny’s and turned it into the hippest hotel in Palm Springs, and I appreciate the effort it takes to be creative and to re-purpose these old buildings.

Palm Springs is a relaxing place for a weekend getaway, and if you hang out at the hotel, you’ll meet some interesting people.  If you like to check out new music, be sure to spend some time in the bar, where they have local bands perform live most evenings..  Other amenities at the hotel that were put to good use were the sauna, and a “fixie” bike, which I used to cruise the neighborhoods and check out some cool mid-century architecture.  If you want a relaxing few days away from Seattle where you can warm up, and use as a base to explore the desert, head down to Palm Springs.  Alaska Airlines and Southwest both have several daily affordable flights between Seattle, Portland and Palm Springs.

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