High above the Rhine in Koblenz

Deutches Ecke, view from Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

In Koblenz, Germany, the mighty Rhine meets the gentle Moselle at a busy corner called the Deutches Ecke.  Here a tree-lined promenade opens up to a large plaza, bordered by riverfront walking paths, shade trees and cafes.  Look up and you’ll see a dramatic equestrian monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I, King of Prussia and the first German Emperor towering 37 meters overhead.  When the weather is nice, you’ll find locals and tourists alike relaxing,  enjoying the sun and watching the boats and people go by.  Scenic riverboat cruises to the Rhine and Moselle begin here, and there are many ticket kiosks close by, so you can check the schedules and hop on a boat from here.  In a few hours you can be touring a castle on the Rhine, or sampling Riesling in a Moselle winery.

Across the Rhine from the Deutches Ecke is the massive Ehrenbreitstein fortress, built by the Prussians between 1817 and 1828 upon the site of an earlier fortress dating back to 1000 AD.  To tour the fortress, learn about Prussian military history, and take in some fantastic views,  hop on the “Seilbahn” an aerial cable car that takes you up and over the Rhine.  Be sure to ask for the “combined” ticket which includes the fortress entry fee.

If  you want to learn more about Koblenz and other travel destinations in Germany, check out  “Discover Germany“,  a streaming English language series on Deutche Welle.  With a new episode each week,  it is current, entertaining and very informative,  whether you are planning a visit or just travelling from your sofa.   Along with arts and culture programming the Deutche Welle site is a good place to catch up on European news, and even learn to speak German.

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