Salzburg Snapshots

St. Peter's Cemetery, Salzburg

Salzburg is known for many things, including being the birthplace of Mozart and Christian Doppler, home of Maria Von Trapp, and the setting for many scenes from the Sound of Music.  This city of 146,000 residents is also home to food traditions that mingle Italian and German influences, and well-preserved Baroque architecture, all in a pristine setting in the foothills of the Alps.

Nearly as close to Italy as it is to Munich, there’s a distinctly Italian atmosphere in the city.  Suddenly gnocchi appears on restaurant sandwich boards,  replacing the schnitzel and bratwurst so prevalent just an hour or two to the north.  Pretzels are still a popular item, but the interpretation and varieties here are mind-boggling, with flavors like apple, chocolate, and poppy-seed to tempt your taste buds.  The sandwiches served at market stalls here look  more like panini,  and you can even get prosciutto sliced to order.  Many menus are also presented in both Italian and German, and you are likely to hear both languages spoken as you stroll around the city.

On a day trip from Munich,  visitors can explore Baroque architecture, stroll through glorious manicured gardens, ride a funicular to a Medieval fortress, and visit historic catacombs, to name just a few past times.   You’ll soon discover that a half-day in the city is not enough to take it all in, but it will whet your appetite for more, and inspire you to plan a return visit.

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