Favorites from Munich

Shopping on Gartnerplatz

Have you noticed that you often don’t discover the best parts of a new city until you’re just about ready to leave?  Since I like to walk and keep a fairly open itinerary, it takes me some time to explore, before I finally find “my place” – the neighborhood where I would love to return and spend more time, and the places I would frequent if I were lucky enough to live there.  This happened on a trip to Munich last fall, at the end of a four-day visit to the city.

I found my “home away from home” in the neighborhood around Gartnerplatz.  It has all the elements of a place where I feel comfortable and want to spend time just hanging out.  Quiet, walkable, tree-lined streets.  Independent shops filled with inspiration, where you can browse home goods, unusual clothing and maybe pick up a couple of items for your kitchen.  There are also plenty of cozy, sidewalk cafés and affordable, everyday eateries that are perfect for relaxing over a meal alone, or with friends.   My last day in Munich was warm and sunny, and discovering Gartnerplatz was the perfect ending to a sweet visit.  It left me with a great memory, and a longing to return.

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