Eating & Drinking

Gnocchi for the People

Gnocchi is the ultimate comfort food. When properly made, these pillow-soft Italian dumplings will warm your tummy, and soothe your soul.  Although their origins are [...]

Food in Hand

There’s a whole class of foods that are designed to be eaten on the go, and are typically sold by street vendors, or at kiosks in rail stations, shopping centers, and [...]

Queen Anne Farmer’s Market

Summer is my favorite season, and there’s no better time to be in Seattle.  The sun is out, the salmon are running and our local produce is at its best.  This is [...]

Eat like a German in Seattle

Ok, so you’ve visited Germany, or  maybe you even lived there, and now you have fond memories and cravings for bratwurst, brezels and all the other yummy foods you [...]

Tasty budget eats in Europe

Traveling can be expensive, and for Americans visiting Europe our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, with the current exchange rates being what they are.  But [...]

The Mussels from Brussels

I think Jean-Claude Van Damme was known as the Muscles from Brussels.  But, I prefer my mussels à la Mariniere,  just the way they make them at Restaurant [...]