The best time to buy French wine

I’ll let you in on a little-known secret.  One that anyone who lives in France and loves wine already knows.  Every fall, at the end of September through early [...]

Vintage cars rule!

I guess I’m one of those nostalgic people who think, “they don’t make ’em like they used to”.  I love the look of vintage automobiles, [...]

Shangri-la in the French Alps

A remote, beautiful, imaginary place where life approaches perfection.  A place whose inhabitants enjoy unheard-of longevity.  These are two definitions of Shangri-la; and [...]

Tastes of Brittany

While in Brittany, I couldn’t wait to try some of the local food that I had heard so much about.  First stop was a cozy crêperie in Auray, where a galette topped [...]

Street Art in Brittany

I’m always on the lookout for interesting street art when I travel.  While walking in Brittany, I found some new [...]

Cycling the EuroVelo 6

The weather is beautiful.  The sun is out, flowers are in full bloom and conditions are perfect for bicycling.  As it happens, one of the great cycle routes in Europe, [...]

My favorite French city

Okay, so I haven’t seen every city in France yet.  Still, I have a feeling I won’t lose my passion for Lyon.  I spent a short weekend in the city, and it was [...]