Street Art in Lyon

Lyon is a gorgeous city.  Not only is it filled with beautiful, period architecture in a scenic riverside setting,  it’s also home to plenty of great street art. [...]

The charm of French window shutters

One of the joys of walking in a city, or a country village is that it lets you get a close-up look at the architecture.  In France, wooden or metal shutters are typically [...]

Les Halles, Dijon

Food lovers know Dijon for its mustard, that sharp and tangy condiment that’s a basis for great vinaigrette.  It’s also home to crème de cassis, a delicious, [...]

Darling Lille

Located in the far north of France near the Belgian border, the city of Lille feels a little more Flemish than French.  The architecture is different here, with more brick, [...]

Shopping in French supermarkets

For someone who loves food shopping, it’s an exciting revelation to wander the aisles of French supermarkets.  The big chains like Carrefour, Casino, and Auchan, are [...]

Sojourn in Strasbourg

Hugging the German border along the Rhine River, the French city of Strasbourg has a distinct character that is a mixture of both French and German.  On my way southwest by [...]

Paris by foot

Do you love to walk?  It’s my favorite way to explore a city, and to spark my imagination.  I love to wander the streets with no particular destination, only to [...]

A rainy day on Rue Mouffetard

The most memorable travel experiences are rarely planned.  Happy accidents and serendipity seem to play a much larger role.  Walking in Paris’s Latin Quarter during [...]

Home away from home, in Beaune

As early as the 11th century, Cistercian monks established monasteries in Beaune,  and they soon began making wine and storing it in their cellars.  This was the [...]

Market Day in Beaune

Europe is famous for its open-air markets, and for good reason.  They’re the best places to check out regional products, mingle with locals and get a feel for the [...]