Tasty budget eats in Europe

Traveling can be expensive, and for Americans visiting Europe our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, with the current exchange rates being what they are.  But [...]

Wine week in Cologne

It was late afternoon, and I had just spent the day walking in Cologne’s Altstadt, taking photos and doing a little window shopping.  But now my feet were tired [...]

Taking it slow in Cochem

There’s a German word, Gemütlichkeit, which describes a feeling of relaxation, coziness and being at ease.  Gemütlichkeit, along with the word  langsam – [...]

Ride the Rails in Europe

A great trip requires good planning, especially if you are only going to have a couple of weeks to enjoy your trip to Europe.  Luckily, the rail system for much of the [...]

High above the Rhine in Koblenz

In Koblenz, Germany, the mighty Rhine meets the gentle Moselle at a busy corner called the Deutches Ecke.  Here a tree-lined promenade opens up to a large plaza, [...]

Mundaka, Spain

Possibly one of the smallest hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, but it did not matter one iota. Why not? Well,  just take a look at the view from our room at the Hotel El [...]

Kevin Dundon’s Modern Irish Food

I love watching International cooking shows, and I recently discovered a great new program about Irish cooking, starring Kevin Dundon on our local CreateTV channel.  Kevin [...]